[Sold Out] Worlds End Round 1: Modus Operandi vs. Epic Brewing

Worlds End Round 1: Modus Operandi vs. Epic Brewing

Once a month on a Tuesday evening we team up with the crew at the Worlds End Brewpub to present a flight of new and exciting beers from every corner of the globe. Our tastings are about learning and tasting something new, think of it as a casual pint at the pub with some mates. Every month we source something that is both unique and unavailable in Tasmania. This month we will be showcasing two of the best breweries in the southern hemisphere.

‘With a fresh batch of Epic Beer up our sleeves, we say it’s time for a beer! Join Hoposphere at the World’s End Brewpub on Tuesday the 22nd of August for a flight of IPA’s from two of the best breweries in the southern hemisphere. I know many of you have been begging for the new Modus Operandi Brewing Co. Triple Deity and the Yeast Coast NEIPA, which unfortunately are brewery only releases. However, I have pulled a few strings, and thanks to the awesome team at MO we have secured a small amount of both! We will be kicking things off from 18:30.’

The Line-Up:

  • Epic Son of Thor: Brave IPA [6.8%]

‘Thor was a huge success last year. We got great feedback, but with some saying that at 8.8% was a bit big. So for those people, we have listened and here is a beer slightly less intense but still a powerhouse of hops inspired by Thor.

This beer still has the massive dank dry hop character, but the malt, colour and alcohol lighter; Therefore delivering the powerful hop aroma and hop flavour without the weight of the alcohol and body of Thor.
Nelson Sauvin and Simcoe are the power couple in this marriage of bright hoppy awesomeness. Sweaty and fruity aroma, light body, sweet fruity flavour, and medium bitter finish.
It is an IPA from Epic. Which is probably all we need to say right? You know it is going to deliver a massive attack of hops on your olfactory system.’

  • Epic Hysteria: West Coast IPA [6.9%]

‘You love hops. We love hops. You love IPA’s. We love IPA’s.

The Hysteria project continues with our latest remix of the Armageddon IPA recipe. This time pushing the edge of how many hops we can add to the whirlpool. Haha, maybe a little too many.

Fanatical. Mysterial. Hysterical.

Hysteria is our 2017 entrant to the 10th Annual West Coast IPA Challenge in Wellington.’

  • Epic Stone Hammer: India Pale Ale [7.0%]

‘A massive assault of Citra, Mosaic & Simcoe hops. Whoever holds this hammer, if they be worthy, shall possess the power of Thor.’

  • Epic Roxanne: Red IPA [6.5%]

‘Following the success of Eric The Red, here’s the follow up Red IPA: Roxanne.
Inspired by the Viking nautical theme of Eric, Roxanne is a Persian name meaning “Dawn” and the reference of “red sky in the morning sailors take warning”.
Even though we refer to the dawn and morning time, it doesn’t imply that this is a breakfast beer. Then again there are no rules when it comes to drinking beer as tasty as this.
A wonderful amber red colour, which comes from the specialty malts, but used in a way that the isn’t overly malty. The malt delivers a sweet caramelly malt note that marries perfectly with the fruity hops, and highlighted with the piney character from the Centennial hops.’

  • Modus Operandi Triple Deity: NEIPA [6.4%]

‘You know we love our IPA’s, so of course we needed another one just for our birthday. And this one is the s$%t – there is 1.5kg of dry hop in each keg of this beer!! Brewed with raw barley and torrified wheat, hopped with only the most expensive hops and $100 bills on a level only justifiable because its our birthday. This beer is bursting with tropical fruit and pineapple aromas.  Supremely soft and perpetually crushable, its the ultimate birthday juice.

We will have a whole bunch of CANimals filled for ya on Saturday so after you have had a few birthday pints you can go home and enjoy in peace. Its ones of those beers that you wanna do this with. Exclusively available at the brewery and very select bars/pubs.’

  • Modus Operandi Yeast Coast IPA: NEIPA [6.6%]

‘Wheaty Brewing Corps, Fixation & Modus have done a few versions of this beer brewed at Wheaty in Adelaide, but this time we have brewed it at Modus and have put it into Limited Edition cans, with a fancy collaboration label. This IPA was brewed with oats, torrified wheat, Amarillo, Citra, El Dorado and Simcoe hops, resulting in a soft, layered and fruity brew. A true homage to yeast and great brewery mates!

This beer will be on tap and available for takeaway exclusively from this Saturday. There will be some kegs floating around good bars/pubs in the coming weeks. Cans however will only be available from the brewery OR if you are in Adelaide this Sunday (23rd July) you can grab these cans at the Wheaty as well as some great IPA’s on tap from Wheaty, Fixation & Modus!’

  • Modus Operandi Former Tenant: Red IPA [7.8%]

‘Champion Australian Craft Beer in 2014, This beer is bursting with aromas of Passion Fruit and Mango due to a heavy hand on the Mosaic and Galaxy Dry Hops, This ruby Red IPA has a complex blend of citrusy hops and savoury caramel malt flavour followed by a slightly sweet finish. 7.8% ABV’

‘Fruity, Resinous, Tropical, and Dangerous. A Red IPA that defies the boundaries of what a ‘Sessionable Beer’ can be.’

When: Tuesday the 22nd of August, 18:30
The World’s End Brewpub, 1/236 Sandy Bay Road 
$30 dollars in store or contact Hoposphere on Facebook [Sold Out]

The Results:

The people have voted, and our winner is the Yeast Coast IPA. A juicy collaboration East Coast IPA bursting with mango, peach, pineapple, stone fruit and kiwi fruit. In the words of the great Dennis De Boer “If the finished beer isn’t half yeast pitch and half hop matter then we haven’t made it East Coast enough!”. It was a great tasting with an awesome bunch of people, but there could only be one winner. Here are the results from the night:

#1. Modus Operandi – Yeast Coast IPA [6.6%]
#2. Epic Beer – Hysteria West Coast IPA [6.9%]
#3. Modus Operandi – Former Tenant Red IPA [7.8%]
#4. Epic Beer – Stone Hammer IPA [7.0%]
#5. Epic Beer – Roxanne Red IPA [6.5%]
#6. Modus Operandi – Triple Deity IPA [6.4%]
#7. Modus Operandi – Session IPA [4.1%]
#8. Epic Beer – Son of Thor Brave IPA [6.8%]

Congratulations on the win Modus Operandi, Fixation and Wheaty Brewing Corps!

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