[Sold Out] Break Even VII: Port v. Sherry v. Brandy Casks [2018.03.04]

Break Even VII: Port v. Sherry v. Brandy Casks

Sunday, March 4th 2018, Hobart Tasmania

Break Even VIII: Port. V. Sherry. V. Brandy Casks.

Join Hoposphere at the Worlds End Brewpub on Sunday the 4th of March for Break Even VIII. Walking through 8 different single malt whiskies from around the world, we will explore the use of Port, Sherry, and even Brandy casks in the production of single malt whisky. One might even argue that this will be our best tasting yet.

Due to limited stock and the rarity of these whiskies, we can only offer 24 seats for this round. Light finger foods and a welcome drink will be provided upon arrival.
RSVP by Friday the 2nd of March.

Tickets: $80 Per Person / Sold Out 
When: Sunday, March 4th, 16:00 – 18:00
Where: The Worlds End Brewpub, Sandy Bay
Attire: Casual! No wank or whisky snobbery

The Results: 
  • #1: Kavalan Distillery (Taiwan) – Kavalan Solist Series: 2009 Brandy Single Cask Strength Taiwanese Single Malt Whisky [59.4%]

[ Distillery Only Release / Single Cask ] 

Cask Filled: July 2009 Bottle Date: August 2016
– 2016 Distillery Only Release Dutch Brandy Single Cask –

‘Part of the Kavalan Solist series, matured in the hand-selected and top-quality brandy cask which is then individually and meticulously selected by the master blender with his skill to create uniquely fruity flavors and distinct characteristics for your sampling pleasure. This cask strength single cask malt whisky is non chill-filtered with natural colour to retain the fullest flavours.’

Cask Number: A090709068

Bottle Number: 184/268

Cask Type: European Oak Brandy Cask

Cask Filled: 2009/07/09

Date Bottled: 2016/08/29

Alcohol By Volume: 59.4%

The Rating (From 26 Votes): 9.5 / 10 

  • #2: Kavalan (Taiwan) – Solist Premium: Single Cask Manzanilla Cask Strength [57.8%]

[ Sold Out / Single Cask ] 

Cask Filled: July 2010 Bottle Date: October 2015
– 2015 Release Kavalan Solist Premium Series Manzanilla Sherry – 

‘Manzanilla is much like Fino sherry, which is produced by the sea where the climate conditions are even more suitable for the growing of flor. Though the maturing process is the same as Fino, the texture is lighter and more delicate with a touch of saltiness together with mineral flavours, which are all the consequence of the stable and thick layer of flor and the sea breeze.’

Cask Number: S100716014A

Bottle Number: 464/525

Cask Type: Spanish Oak Manzanilla Sherry

Cask Filled: 2010/07/16

Date Bottled: 2015/10/14

Alcohol By Volume: 57.8%

The Rating ( From 18 Votes): 9.0 / 10 

  • #3: Glendronach (Scotland) – Parliament: 21 Year Old Single Malt Scotch Whisky [48.0%]

‘Matured in a combination of the finest Oloroso and Pedro Ximenez sherry casks for a minimum of 21 years, the ‘Parliament’ continues the great GlenDronach tradition of offering fruit-laden intensity in its single malts. This rich expression has been named ‘Parliament’ after the colony, or ‘parliament’, of rooks that have been nesting in the trees that overlook the GlenDronach distillery for almost 200 years. Bottled at 48%, the ‘Parliament’ is non chill filtered and of natural colour.’

Cask Type: European Oak Oloroso & Pedro Ximinez Sherry Casks

Date Distilled: 1994 

Date Bottled: 2015/03/09 – LJ40155

Alcohol By Volume: 48.0%

The Rating (From 26 Votes): 8.75 / 10

  • #4: Kavalan (Taiwan) – KavaFan 1st Anniversary Bottling: Solist Single Cask Port Cask Strength [58.6%] 

[ Sold Out / KavaFan Single Cask Release ] 

Cask Filled: July 2009 Bottle Date: December 2017
– 2017 Release KavaFan 1st Anniversary Specially Selected Port Single Cask –

‘Port is a Portuguese fortified wine that is robust and sweet with a fuller and richer body. It is therefore usually served as a dessert wine or digestif. Kavalan Solist Port Cask is fully matured in Portuguese Port barriques under the subtropical climate to create the multiple fruity flavours such as plum, blueberry, blackberry and strawberry just to name a few, with chocolate as the main background note.’

Cask Number: O090706042A

Bottle Number: 156/204

Cask Type: European Oak Port Casks

Cask Filled: 2009/07/06

Date Bottled: 2017/12/08

Alcohol By Volume: 58.6%

The Results (From 26 Votes): 8.75 / 10 

  • #5: Glendronach (Scotland) – 1995 Single Cask Tawny Port Pipe 18 Year Old Single Malt Scotch Whisky [53.6%]

[ Sold Out / Single Cask ] 

Cask Filled: December 1995 Bottle Date: October 2014
– 2014 Release GlenDronach 1995 Tawny Port Pipe – 

‘Each year our Master Distiller specially selects a handful of individual casks from the warehouses at the GlenDronach Distillery, to be bottled as the GlenDronach ‘Limited Release’. With maturing whiskies dating back as far as 1968, there is a vast selection of barrels, hogsheads, puncheons and butts to choose from.’

Cask Number: 5959

Bottle Number: 566/692

Cask Type: European Oak Tawny Port Pipe

Cask Filled: 1995/12/15

Date Bottled: October 2014 – Aged 18 Years

Alcohol By Volume: 53.6%

The Rating (From 24 Votes): 8.5 / 10 

  • #6: Glenfarclas (Scotland) – 15 Year Old 2nd Fill Sherry Cask Single Malt [46.0%]

‘We bottle this at 46% simply because my grandfather preferred it at this strength. It’s still a family favourite. This is perfect for single malt enthusiasts. 

Cask Type: 2nd Fill Sherry Casks

Alcohol By Volume: 46.0% 

The Rating (From 26 Votes): 7.5 / 10 

  • #7: Santis (Switzerland) – Snow White: Beer Barrel & Pear Brandy Cask Single Malt Whisky [48.0%]

[ Limited Release / Single Batch ] 

‘As sure as a snowstorm, every winter attracts a new Snow White. This iteration – Snow White No.4 is a truly unique whisky, introducing a Vieille Poire finish.

A maturation of 5 years in oak beer casks, and a finish of one year in the renowned pear brandy casks create a real nose-flattering, soft, sweetish, fruit and spice driven whisky.

The typical Säntis aromas show with some beer and the malty tenderness of the whiskey, but the main role is played by spices, which create the unique link between fruit and grain.’

Cask Type: 100+ Year Old Beer Barrels & Pear Brandy Casks

Batch Number: 04 / 2017

Alcohol By Volume: 48.0%

The Rating (From 26 Votes): 7.25 / 10 

  • #8: Tin Shed Distillery (Australia) – Iniquity: Batch 007 Port Cask Single Malt Whisky [46.0%] 

[ Limited Release / Single Batch ] 

At Tin Shed, we pride ourselves on producing artisan whiskies that do not disappoint.

‘Our focus is always on flavour rather than efficiency. Everything is done by hand with meticulous attention to detail and quality. We use local grain, local peat and local Mallee stumps to smoke it. We do not chill-filter our whiskies, so it is quite common to see some flocculation in the bottle (give it a good shake and it will dissolve again). 

Our coopers are South Australian and source the best oak for our casks. We know this because they drink our whiskies and insist on drinking only the best quality whisky!

Whisky making is an art; it requires good quality ingredients, good oak, skill and, finally, enough time in the right environment to produce the depth and richness of flavour we strive for in our whiskies. We aim to produce a masterpiece each time; a whisky that will entice, tease and satisfy the most discerning palate and deliver enjoyment with every sip.’

Cask Type: Australian Port Cask

Batch Number: 007

Alcohol By Volume: 46.0%

The Rating (From 26 Votes): 6.75 / 10

Tickets: $80 Per Person / Sold Out
When: Sunday, March 4th, 16:00 – 18:00
Where: The Worlds End Brewpub, Sandy Bay
Attire: Casual! No wank or whisky snobbery

The Next Break Even Tasting: 
Break Even VIII: Black Arts + Whiskies of the World [2018.04.01.] 

Sunday, April 1st 2018, Hobart Tasmania

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