Psychedelic Series: Outta Sight White IPA [6.2%] 3.04/5 (14)


BrewCult (Vic/Australia) – Psychedelic Series: Outta Sight White IPA [6.2%] 

‘Description Unavailable’ 

– Hops: Magnum, Citra, Amarillo, and Galaxy.

– Malts: Pilsner, Munich, CaraHell and Wheat Malts. 

[ ABV: 6.2% IBU: 75 OG: 1.056 EBC: 8.6 ] 

– Available: Special Release, Tap, 16.9oz/500ml Bottle. 

– Taste: Tangy Citrus, Grapefruit, Mango and Passion Fruit, followed by Peach, Banana, and Floral Herb characteristics. 

– Aroma: Tropical Fruits, Orange, Mango, Fresh Citrus and Green Tea.

– Look: Hazy Amber Yellow.

– Overall: Balanced, Robust, Fruity, and Bitter. Fragrant Citrus Peel, Lemon Rind, Grapefruit, Bitters, Peach, Lychee, and Passionfruit delight the Palate, with more subtle hints of Wheat, Sourdough, and Honey. Refreshing, Complex, and Balanced, although slightly Resinous in the Finish, with a massive hit of Dank Hops, Citrus, and Pine Needle. 

– Overall: [ 87.5/100 ] – Style: [ 86.5/100 ] 

– BrewCult Brewing Company – 8/2 Derrimut Drive, Derrimut, Victoria, Australia – 

Beer: Production. Consumption. Rinse. Repeat.

Has it really come to this? I want more. I want an experience. I want to believe that there is more.

This is Brewcult…..and I am Hendo – I have chosen to dedicate my life to exploring the diversity of beer through creative production and consumption.

Sometimes extreme.

Sometimes to style.

Always irreverant and fun.

Influenced by popular culture and the people I meet.

You won’t like every Brewcult beer….but you’ll enjoy the experience of trying it.

Have fun. Enjoy the beer.’

– Visit BrewCult: 

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