Pirate Life Brewing – India Pale Ale [6.8%] 4.76/5 (14)

Pirate Life Brewing Company (SA/Australia) – Pirate Life IPA [6.8%]

‘Up until now if you wanted to step up from our Pale Ale you would have to reach for a trusty tall boy of our IIPA. While we would baulk at the suggestion that this is ever a bad thing, there are times where one wants to drink at least four beers without feeling like they have just gone round for round with Boony on a plane trip back from London. So we are happy to announce we have finally bridged the ABV gap with the release of our fourth core range beer: The Pirate Life IPA

Keen fans of our beers may have noticed a few kegs of this floating around the country recently and those who made it to a couple of events over the past month may have had the chance to try it from the can. Just last week we finished our second large scale brew of this beer and we are pleased to say; that as we type, it will be making its way to a purveyor of good beer near you.

Sitting nicely between our Pale Ale and IIPA at 6.8% ABV the IPA has a gentle orange hue and a round, full bodied malt character care of Pale Malt, Munich and Crystal. With our Pale Ale and IIPA having withdrawn most of our funds from the dank bank we thought it was time to make a beer that brought something a little different to the table. Chock full of Centennial, Riwaka and Simcoe our IPA is bright, fruity and full of liquid fun.’

– Hops: Centennial‘, Riwaka‘, and Simcoe‘.

– Malts: American Ale Malt, Crystal, and Munich Malt.

[ ABV: 6.8% IBU: 68 OG: Unknown* ] 

– Available: Year Round, Tap/Draft, 12oz/355ml Cans, 6 Pack.

– Look: [ Burnt Orange, with a hazy Amber hue. ] 

– Head: [ 1-2 Centimetres of tan, off-white head with light lacing. ] 

– Aroma: [ Earthen-Spice, Tropical Fruits, Mango, Biscuit, Papaya, Orange Peel and Caramel. ]

– Taste: [ Orange, Grapefruit, Melons, Pine Needles, Tropical Fruits, Papaya, Caramel, Pear, Herbal-Spice and Grass. ]

– Mouth-Feel: [ Medium bodied and moderately carbonated. Malt and Biscuit lay down with hints of Mango, Pine, Resin and Grapefruit coming through. ] 

– Mid Palate: [ Earthen and Grassy, with Herbal-Spice, Grapefruit Peel, Orange, Papaya and overripe Tropical Melons coating the palate. ]

– Finish: [ Mango, Biscuit, Grass, Orange, and Resin stick up front, with Pine Needles, Grapefruit, Caramel and Tangerine lingering well into the finish. ] 

– Overall: [ An Earthen, Spicy, Tropical, and Sessionable IPA. Well balanced in both the Aroma and on the Palate. A simple IPA, somewhat old-school meets new world with generous amounts of Citrus Peel, Caramel, Melons, Biscuit, and Pine Needles. Easy drinking and full-bodied, with enough Grapefruit, Pine Needle, and Resin to create a dry and moreish finish. Pirate Life’s IPA is by no means Australia’s best IPA, however, the fact that you can find this is nearly any store across the country makes it a staple and reliable brew. A well made and well presented IPA. ]

– Overall: [ 93.25/100 ]  Style: [ 91.75/100 ] 

Taste: [ 92.5/100 ] Aroma: [ 92.75/100

Would We Buy It Again?: [ No. A good IPA indeed, but we stand for something different. ] 

Affordable?: [ Well priced for an Australian IPA. 355ml 6 Pack: $29-32 Dollars AUD. ]

Feedback/Tips: [ The same thing I have to say for all of the core range, since the recent expansions at Pirate Life I have noticed inconsistencies across the range. Keep making great beer, don’t let expansions or investors get in the way of that. ] 

Day Or Night?: [ Both. ] 

Pirate Life IPA: 1 Word Review: [ Earthen. ] 

Our Favourite Part of Pirate Life IPA: [ The mouth-feel! ] 

– Pirate Life Brewing Company – 89 South Rd, Hindmarsh, 5007, South Australia

‘Adelaide deserves to be famous for more than churches and an iced coffee fetish. Sunshine, great food, better wine and famous festivals; it was the obvious choice for Pirate Life. These days rather than migrating interstate, Adelaide kids are staying put and opening their own out-there bars and restaurants. These are our kind of people. With the Barossa, Adelaide Hills and McLaren Vale just out of town, they know a thing or two about their plonk. The same goes for beer. Adelaide might have funny tasting water, but that doesn’t stop them from making a darn good brew. It’s still the home of Coopers, and we’re joining an emerging craft beer scene nipping at their heels. (We are bringing fancy water filters of course.) We’re jumping in at a great time. After many years of glory, malls balls has finally lost its spot as the crowning architectural jewel of the city. The new Adelaide Oval is shaking up the CBD with footy and cricket mad hordes. Adelaide’s whole calendar is catching up to the Mad March frenzy. Melburnians and Sydneysiders can make all the snide remarks they like; we don’t mind having Adelaide to ourselves. It’s heaps good.’

– Visit Pirate Life Brewing: http://piratelife.com.au

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