Ninkasi Brewing Company – Total Domination IPA [6.7%] 4.83/5 (19)

Ninkasi Brewing Co. (United States/OR) – Total Domination India Pale Ale [6.7%] 

‘Total Domination

This decidedly balanced Northwest IPA celebrates our love of hops. A delightful blend of citrus and floral hop notes dominate the senses while a trio of malt adds a clean finish. Totally hoppy, totally drinkable; the name says it all.

Tasting Notes

Total Domination IPA has a citrusy, floral hop aroma, and big hop flavor balanced with a richness imparted by Carahell and Munich malts. This beer is a big, flavorful Northwest IPA that maintains its drinkability, and as such, has garnered great admiration from the novice craft drinker and the seasoned hop-head alike.

Food Pairings

Poultry, Seafood, Sharp Cheeses, Spicy Mexican or Thai Foods’

Released: 2006 

– Hops: Amarillo‘, Crystal‘, and Summit‘.

– Malts: 2-Row Pale, Munich, and CaraHell Malts.

[ ABV: 6.7% IBU: 81 OG: 1.067 ] 

– Available: Year Round, Tap/Draft, 12oz/355ml, 6 Pack, 22oz/650ml Bottles. 

Look: [ Tinted Amber-Honey, with an Orange Hue. ]

Head: [ 2 Centimeters of Off-White Head, with Resinous Lacing. ] 

Aroma: [ Pine Needles, Pineapple Esters, Herbal-Spice, Dank Citrus, and Biscuits. ] 

Taste: [ Tangerine Peel, Grapefruit, Pine Needles, Honey, Malts, and Orange. ] 

Mouth-Feel: [ Resinous Pine Needle, Citrus Peel, and Caramel, with a Creamy, Gently Carbonated Body. ] 

Mid Palate: [ Melons, Pine, Grapefruit, Peach, Floral, Caramel, and Sourdough. ] 

Finish: [ Biscuits, Apricot, Citrus Peel, Honey, Tropical Fruits, and Lingering Pine Needle. ]

Overall: [ Well Balanced, Malty, Repeatable, and Piney. Complex Citrus, Pine Needle, Peach, and Honey in the Aroma, with Orange Peel, Biscuit, and subtle hints of Tropical Fruits on the Palate. A very inoffensive North-West Indian Pale Ale, suitable for Novices and ‘Hop-Heads’ alike. Complex Malt, Fruit, and Citrus coats the Palate, with a Resinous Mouth-Feel. The Finish is Viscous, with Toffee, Citrus Peel, and Pineapple left lingering on the Palate. A well made IPA. ]

– Overall: [ 93.75/100 ]  Style: [ 93.5/100 ] 

Taste: [ 94.5/100 ] Aroma: [ 92.75/100

– Would We Buy It Again?: [ Absolutely. ] 

Affordable?: [ Very. 650ml Bottle: $16-20.00 Dollars AUD. ]

Feedback/Tips: [ Send it to space and back. ]

– Day Or Night?: [ Either, why not both?. ] 

 Ninkasi Total Domination: 1 Word Review: [ Pine. ] 

– Our Favourite Part Of Ninkasi Total Domination: [ The Texture, and Viscous Pine and Citrus that lingers on the Palate. ] 

It began with a pint…

‘Two friends share a pint at a small beer bar in Eugene, Oregon and begin a conversation that undoubtedly involves the craft they are imbibing.  

Back in 2005, neither Jamie Floyd nor Nikos Ridge knew exactly where their friendship would lead. What they did know was it would probably center around beer. 

Born and raised in Eugene, Nikos moved to Manhattan to begin a career in finance. After five years, he began to pine for the West Coast lifestyle of his hometown and moved back to Eugene in 2004.

Simultaneously, Jamie began to discover his love of brewing. Born in Cupertino, California, Jamie moved north to attend the University of Oregon in 1990. He brewed his first batch of homebrew in the kitchen of a campus co-op called The Lorax. That first stout propelled Jamie into an 11-year brewing career at Steelhead Brewery in Eugene.

Introduced through mutual friends, the two had become buddies at a time when Jamie was ready to embark on his own. Over a pint of Jamie’s beer, Nikos and Jamie discussed the potential of opening a brewery – a dream Jamie was certain to make happen. With Jamie’s brewing background and Nikos’ finance knowledge, the two had a winning combination to successfully open a business. After leaving the pub, Jamie eagerly waited an hour before calling Nikos with an affirmative, “this is happening.”’

Enter the Goddess.

‘Jamie and Nikos knew they not only wanted a brewery, but they wanted to do things a little differently. The dream: become “the village brewer,” providing a place for people to come together over a pint. Looking to brewing history, the two decided to name the brewery Ninkasi [nin-kah-see], the ancient Sumerian Goddess of Fermentation.

After scraping together enough funds from friends and family, the two produced their first batch of beer in June, 2006. This inaugural batch of Total Domination IPA was the result of a 17-hour brew day inside a leased space in Springfield, Ore. The following six months, Jamie and Nikos continued to brew on a 15-barrel brewhouse located within a German restaurant.

In 2007, Ninkasi moved to its current location in Eugene’s Whiteaker neighborhood. Known for its eclectic art, the two knew this neighborhood would easily foster community. Fast forward to 2011, and the hard work of both founders landed them the fastest growing craft brewery in the United States with a top selling IPA in Oregon. Fast forward to present day, and Ninkasi ranks the 36th largest craft brewer in the United States (Brewers Association, 2015).’

Independently owned. Community-driven.

‘Now in its tenth year, the brewery continues to grow while remaining fully independent and continuously focused on community. A team of two has increased to a family of over 100 employees who operate Ninkasi’s tasting room, production and lab facilities, sales force, marketing teams, local distribution arm, and a donations program. Ninkasi maintains a year-round Flagship Series of seven beers, including Total Domination IPA, followed by seasonal, special release, and R&D offerings.’

– Ninkasi Brewing Company – 272 Van Buren St, Eugene, OR 97402, USA –

– Visit Ninkasi Brewing Company:

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