Modus Operandi Brewing – Former Tenant Red IPA [7.8%] 4.96/5 (21)

Modus Operandi Brewing (NSW/Australia) – Former Tenant Red IPA [7.8%] 

‘Champion Australian Craft Beer in 2014, This beer is bursting with aromas of Passion Fruit and Mango due to a heavy hand on the Mosaic and Galaxy Dry Hops, This ruby Red IPA has a complex blend of citrusy hops and savoury caramel malt flavour followed by a slightly sweet finish. 7.8% ABV’

– Hops: Cascade (US)‘, Galaxy‘, and Mosaic‘.

– Malts: Pale Ale, CaraMalt, Crystal, Dark, Munich, Wheat and Chocolate Malts.

[ ABV: 7.8% IBU: Unknown* OG: Unknown* ] 

– Available: Year Round, Tap/Draft, 31.98oz/946ml Canimal, 16.9oz/500ml Can, 4 Pack.

Look: [ Deep Ruby-Red, with a Hazy Amber Hue. ]

Head: [ 2 Centimeters of Creamy, Off-White, Tan Head. ]

Aroma: [ Passionfruit, Mango, Toffee, Pine Needles, Caramel, and White-Pepper. ] 

Taste: [ Ripe Melons, Tropical Fruits, Resin, Pine Needles, Caramelized Brown-Sugar, White Peach, and Ruby Grapefruit. ] 

Mouth-Feel: [ Heavy, Creamy, and Viscous. Hints of Pine, Citrus Peel and Resin. ] 

Mid Palate: [ Toffee, Peach, Honey Melon, Roasted Almond, Brown Sugar, Caramel, Biscuit, and Orange-Peel. ] 

Finish: [ Pine Needles, Grapefruit, Honey, Herbal-Spice, Melons, and Caramel. ] 

Overall: [ Fruity, Resinous, Tropical, and Dangerous. A Red IPA that defies the boundaries of what a ‘Sessionable Beer’ can be. Ripe Melons, Mango, Grapefruit, and even hints of Papaya add Fruity Aromatics, with Pine Needle, Caramelized Brown-Sugar, Peach, and Resin lingering on the Palate. Big, Chewy, and Viscous, whilst remaining completely Balanced and Repeatable. A World Class Red IPA that has undoubtedly helped to give Australia’s Craft Beer scene credibility and respect from international Brewers and Drinkers alike. One of the Top 10 Australian Beers you have to try. Highly Recommended, highly Awarded, highly Smashable! ] 

Overall: [ 97.75/100 ]  Style: [ 97.5/100 ]

Taste: [ 98.5/100 ] Aroma: [ 97.75/100 ] 

Would We Buy It Again?: [ Yes. ] 

Affordable?: [ Yes. Former Tenant is one of the best IPA’s in Australia. 500ml 4 Pack: $45-50 Dollars AUD. ]

Feedback/Tips: [ Just something I have always thought of, and attempted to recreate at home. Former Tenant with Calypso and 007 Hops? Oh and Grant, the Former Tenant on Nitro is so last year, Former Tenant on Helium anyone? ] 

Day Or Night?: [ Depends how game you are? ] 

Modus Former Tenant: 1 Word Review: [ Mango. ] 

Our Favourite Part Of Modus Former Tenant: [ Once again, everything! The Aroma, Taste, Mid-Palate, Texture, and the Finish. ] 

Our Story

‘Always dreaming but finally formalising the concept in 2012, it all started in a motor home traveling around the U S of A, blaring Creedence and delving deeper into the craft revolution. We discovered every nook and cranny of the USA craft beer world for six months, brewing, talking, cleaning, talking, cleaning, brewing, and yes, drinking a lot of beer (tough I know).

We returned home to our beloved Northern Beaches with heads full of beer lovin and some very talented American brewers in our bags.  Hailing from Oskar Blues Brewery these guys have serious street cred, know good beer and brew even better. They have taught us and our Aussie brewers the real art of craft beer, using first class materials and practices. We have also taught them how to surf, the culinary delight that is a meat pie and how sunscreen is not negotiable in Australia. Its a win win situation. 

We are larrikins at heart, but when it comes to our Modus Operandi (Latin for Method of Operation) which put simply is, beer first, no shortcuts, this is where we get real. Fresh live yeast flown in from the USA, the finest specialty malts and hops from all over the world, brewed and packaged in our brewery and permanently kept cold so we don’t have to put preservatives in, means we deliver fresh real craft beer to you. These methods of operation cost more, but we think its worth it. You be the judge.’

– Modus Operandi, 14 Harkeith St, Mona Vale NSW 2103, Australia – 

– Visit Modus Operandi Brewing Co:

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