Milk and Two Sugars Imperial Milk Stout [7.2%] 2.8/5 (17)


Brewcult (Vic/Australia) – Milk and Two Sugars Imperial Milk Stout [7.2%] 

‘Who doesn’t say “Wheres my damn coffee!” every morning? But then again, you may  also want a beer. Now you can have both! 

This is a smooth Imperial Milk Stout blended with espresso and cold steep coffee from our awesome friends at Axil Coffee Roasters.’ 

– Hops: Magnum (US) Single Hopped.

– Malts: Maris Otter, Munich, Crystal, Oats, Chocolate Malt and Roasted Barley. 

[ ABV: 7.2% IBU: 20 OG: 1.086 ] 

– Available: Special Release, Tap, 16.9oz/500ml Bottle. 

 Taste: Dark Chocolate, Espresso, Rich Milk Chocolate, Vanilla Pods, Roast Almond, Cream and Brown Sugar. Slightly texture-less and unbalanced, with the overall sweetness of the beer taking away from the other flavours.

 Aroma: Chocolate Malts, Espresso, Cocoa, Toffee, Coffee Beans, and Rum & Raisin. 

 Look: Deep Cola Black.

 Overall: Dry and slightly Watery, Robust and extremely Rich, yet somewhat lacking in Texture and Balance. Roasted Coffee and Dark Chocolate combine to create a smooth finish, although certainly not Hendo’s best brew to date. 

– Overall: [ 88.5/100 ] – Style: [ 86.25/100 ] 


– Brewcult – 8/2 Derrimut Drive, Derrimut Victoria, Australia 3030 – 

Beer: Production. Consumption. Rinse. Repeat.

Has it really come to this? I want more. I want an experience. I want to believe that there is more.

This is Brewcult…..and I am Hendo – I have chosen to dedicate my life to exploring the diversity of beer through creative production and consumption.

Sometimes extreme.

Sometimes to style.

Always irreverant and fun.

Influenced by popular culture and the people I meet.

You won’t like every Brewcult beer….but you’ll enjoy the experience of trying it.

Have fun. Enjoy the beer.’

– Visit Brewcult: 

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