[Sold Out] Break Even III: Kavalan Premium Single Casks [2017.11.05.]

Break Even III: Kavalan Premium Single Casks 

Sunday, November 5th 2017, Hobart Tasmania

Join Hoposphere at the Worlds End Brewpub on Sunday the 5th of November for a Kavalan Single Cask tasting. We will journey through the 4 Premium Single Cask expressions, along with the Vinho Barrique and Fino Sherry Single Casks.

Once again we have a limited number of seats available, and we can only offer 24 tickets.

Light finger foods and a cheese and meats platter are provided, with a fresh pint of Modus Operandi Pale Ale upon arrival.

Tickets: $80 per person
When: Sunday, November 5th, 16:00 – 18:00
Where: The Worlds End Brewpub, Sandy Bay
Attire: Casual! No wank or whisky snobbery

The Results:

  • #1: Kavalan (Taiwan) – Solist Premium: Single Cask Pedro Ximenez Sherry Cask Strength [56.3%] 

‘PX Sherry is one of Kavalan whisky’s classic collection. The new make spirit matured in the PX sherry casks produces our uniquely special character and flavour with classic fruity, nutty and chocolate aromas.’

Cask Number: S100630006A

Bottle Number: 420/500

Cask Type: Spanish Oak Pedro Ximenez Sherry

Cask Filled: 2010/06/30

Date Bottled: 2015/10/15

Alcohol By Volume: 56.3%

The Rating ( From 18 Votes): 9.5 / 10 

  • #2: Kavalan (Taiwan) – Solist Premium: Single Cask Moscatel Sherry Cask Strength [54.8%]  

‘Moscatel is a special variety of sherry wines. The combination of Moscatel casks, Kavalan new make and our subtropical heat is simply magical in terms of maturation quality. This Kavalan single malt is packed with surprises for all of the sensory receptors that once again brings out the richness and complexity to the fullest.’

Cask Number: S100623032A

Bottle Number: 490/503

Cask Type: Spanish Oak Moscatel Sherry

Cask Filled: 2010/06/23

Date Bottled: 2015/12/07

Alcohol By Volume: 54.8%

The Rating ( From 18 Votes): 9.25 / 10 

  • #3: Kavalan (Taiwan) – Solist Single Cask Vinho Barrique Cask Strength [57.8%] 

‘Vinho is fully matured in used American oak wine barrels that have been toasted and recharred in a way that brings out fruity vanilla notes from the whisky and wood overlaid on a delicate background of complex fruitiness. It has a complex and multi-dimensional background of pepper, spice, dates and other fruits, such as ripe melon and mango together with kiwi and a delicate blend of citrus fruits burst.’

Cask Number: W121225023A

Bottle Number: 69/210

Cask Type: American Oak Red & White Wine

Cask Filled: 2012/12/25

Date Bottled: 2017/03/08

Alcohol By Volume: 57.8%

The Rating ( From 18 Votes): 9.0 / 10 

  • #4: Kavalan (Taiwan) – Solist Premium: Single Cask Manzanilla Sherry Cask Strength [57.1%]


‘Manzanilla is much like Fino sherry, which is produced by the sea where the climate conditions are even more suitable for the growing of flor. Though the maturing process is the same as Fino, the texture is lighter and more delicate with a touch of saltiness together with mineral flavours, which are all the consequence of the stable and thick layer of flor and the sea breeze.’

Cask Number: S100716014A

Bottle Number: 464/525

Cask Type: Spanish Oak Manzanilla Sherry

Cask Filled: 2010/07/16

Date Bottled: 2015/10/14

Alcohol By Volume: 57.8%

The Rating ( From 18 Votes): 9.0 / 10 

  • #5: Kavalan (Taiwan) – Solist Premium: Single Cask Fino Sherry Cask Strength [57.8%] 

‘Fino, Spanish for ‘Fine’, is the driest and palest of all varieties of traditional sherry wine. Traditional Fino wine is usually dry and is best consumed shortly after the bottle is opened in order to avoid losing its flavour. Kavalan’s Fino, matured in the finest Fino Sherry butts that were used for the wine making, however, provides mild sweetness that excites the palate.’

Cask Number: FI100707002B

Bottle Number: 502/530

Cask Type: Spanish Oak Manzanilla Sherry

Cask Filled: 2010/07/16

Date Bottled: 2016/03/08

Alcohol By Volume: 57.8%

The Rating ( From 18 Votes): 8.75 / 10 

  • #6: Kavalan (Taiwan) – Solist Premium: Single Cask Amontillado Sherry Cask Strength [57.1%] 

‘Amontillado is a kind of dry sherry which is darker than Fino but lighter than Oloroso, maturing with a cap of flor and then expose to the air for further oxidation due to the loss of flor. Toasted almond and hazelnut are the classic aromas for Amontillado casks.’

Cask Number: AM110216010A

Bottle Number: 242/527

Cask Type: Spanish Oak Amontillado Sherry

Cask Filled: 2011/02/16

Date Bottled: 2016/04/19

Alcohol By Volume: 57.1%

The Rating ( From 18 Votes): 8.25 / 10 

  • #7: Kavalan (Taiwan) – Podium Single Malt Whisky [46.0%]

‘Created from specially selected brand-new American casks and re-fill casks, the expression is surprisingly delicate and extremely complex. It is a further endorsement of the dedication of our rigorous wood policy.’

Cask Type: American Oak Virgin Oak, Bourbon, 2nd Fill Sherry, Port and Brandy Casks.

Bottle Date: 2014/06/04

Alcohol By Volume: 46.0%

The Rating ( From 18 Votes): 7.5 / 10 

Tickets: $80 per person
When: Sunday, November 5th, 16:00 – 18:00
Where: The Worlds End Brewpub, Sandy Bay
Attire: Casual! No wank or whisky snobbery

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