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Amager Bryghus (Denmark) – International Men Of Mystery: Passion Fruit Double IPA [8.5%]

‘Danish. Tag en australier, en newzealænder og en sydafrikaner – i sandhed en mystisk flok – og sæt dem til at starte et bryggeri sammen…..i Göteborg, Sverige. Det lyder som opskriften på en regulær katastrofe – grænsende en decideret nedsmeltning. Men sandheden skulle vise sig anderledes. Muligvis skyldtes det, at de teamede op med lidt lokal Västra Götaland snusfornuft, men i hvert fald har Beerbliotek vist sig som et af de senere års mest succesrige nye svenske bryggerier. En succes som ikke er funderet på hype eller varm luft, men ganske enkelt på kvaliteten af øllet. For Amager Bryghus var det en ære at disse gale men glade mennesker havde lyst til at kigge forbi Amager og brygge en øl med os. Valget faldt på noget, der er mindst lige så eksotisk som Beerblioteks baggrund. Lad os blot kalde det en anderledes Double IPA.

Ingredienser: Vand. Bygmalt: Pilsner, Carapils. Sukker. Passionsfrugt. Humle: Columbus, Citra, Amarillo, Gær. US-ale

Take an Australian, a New Zealander and a South African – a mysterious bunch, indeed – and have them start a brewery together… – in Gothenburg, Sweden. This sounds like a recipe for disaster, bordering on a regular meltdown. But the reality turned out quite differently. Perhaps because they threw a bit of Västra Götaland common sense into the mix, but whatever the reason, Beerbliotek has become one of the most successful new Swedish breweries. A success not founded on hype or hot air, but simply on the quality of their beer. We at Amager Bryghus were honored that these happy nutters felt like visiting us to brew a collaboration beer. The choice fell on something at least as exotic as Beerbliotek’s background. Let’s just call the result a different Double IPA’ 

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– Hops: Amarillo’Citra’, and Columbus’

– Malts: Pilsner and CaraPils. 

[ ABV: 8.5% IBU: 85* OG: Unknown* 

– Available: Collaboration Special Release, Tap, 16.9oz/500ml Bottle. 

 Taste: Sweet Citrus, Lemon Rind, Passion Fruit, Sour Apple, White Peach, and Mandarin. Slightly Sour, with hints of Green Fruits, Melons, Floral Herbs, and Lychee.

 Aroma: Pineapple, Passion Fruit, Peach, Grapefruit Peel, Sweet Apples, Lychee, and Cut Grass.

 Look: Hazy Amber-Golden. 

 Overall: Rich, Fruity, Sweet, and Bitter. Unripe Fruits, Tropical Melons, Floral Citrus, and Mango on the Palate, with a somewhat Slick, lingering Bitterness. Slightly Tangy, Sour, and Sharp, taking away from the Hop presence leaving a slightly Tart, Unbalanced Finish. Certainly worth a try, however lacking in both Balance and Character.

– Overall: [ 72.5/100 ]  Style: [ 78.25/100 ] 


– Amager Bryghus – Fuglebækvej 2, 2770 Kastrup, Denmark

The story of Amager Bryghus is also the story of the two friends Morten Valentin Lundsbak and Jacob Storm, who decided to make a passion for good beer for their livelihood.
Asked directly admits the two boys that their time in the same class at HTX disappears little in the mists why they also were seriously challenged when one day they were forced into having to write a joint project in physics and chemistry.Two subjects they had only vague notions about – mostly from the school curriculum, not so much from the classroom.
In their infinite wisdom and foresight they chose to write about fermentation processes in beer, and many, many homebrew later, they were so ready even to open their own brewhouse in April 2007.
to their own – and customer – surprise they managed to brew beer so tasty that it actually could be sold – from Sundby to Sydney.
in december 2011, the first brew plant slated for small, a new were purchased and together with the appointment of the assistant brewer René Hulgreen led to more than a doubling of production. Despite the appointment of Communications Henrik Papsø in 2013 are still brewery well.
Today Amager Brewery in every aspect streamlined and professionally run business, if further expansion and momentum is defined in the utterly hard-core framework of a targeted 5-year plan where the concept “chaos management” is the actual and highly efficient beacon. The market leap came in earnest as humor, irony and sarcasm was abolished in the professional, internal dialogue.

– Visit Amager Bryghus:


– Beerbliotek Sockerbruket Sour Brewery – Sockerbruket 11, 414 51 Göteborg, Sweden –

At Beerbliotek we aim to bring new and exciting beers to market, which means we will always have something new to complement our current range.

– Visit Beerbliotek:

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