Hopp Bier [4.5%] 3.36/5 (22)


Boatrocker Brewing (Vic/Australia) – Hopp Bier German Style Beer Garden Pilsner [4.5%] 

‘Hoppbier is our little nod to the amazing pilsners from Northern Germany…with a little love from New Zealand hops. We crafted this beer with only the best German pilsner malt, then loaded it up with some choice Kiwi hops (including late boil hop bursting & dry hopping). Sure we could have made some bland, flavourless lager to appeal to the masses, but if we wouldn’t drink the beer, how could we expect you to? When we drink Hoppbier, memories of beer gardens in the north of Germany with their wonderfully hoppy pilsners all come flooding back…’ 

– Hops: Hallertau (NZ), Riwaka and Motueka.

– Malts: German Pilsner and CaraPils Malts.

[ ABV: 4.5% IBU: 33 OG: Unknown* ] 

– Available: Seasonal Release, Tap, 11.2oz/330ml Bottle, 6 Pack. 

 Taste: Clean Malts, Hints of Bread, Honey and Lemon. Soft Floral-Citrus, Lychee, Tropical Fruits and Melon on the Palate, followed by Earthen Spice, Hints of Herbs, Pine, and Grass. Moderately Bitter with a Sharp Dry finish and a Zesty, Citrus like Lingering Hop Bitterness, ensuring maximum Repeatability.

 Aroma: Lychee, Soft Citrus, Sourdough, Passion Fruit, Melons, Kiwi, and Lemon Grass.

 Look: Hazy Golden Straw.

 Overall: Clean, Balanced, Repeatable and Refreshing. Hopp Bier has never let us down, and with a Clean, Dry Malt Base enhancing the New World Hop combo, Hopp Bier makes it’s way into our Top 10 Pilsners worldwide. Delicate, Grassy, and Balanced, with subtle Hints of Pine, Citrus, Mango, Lychee, and Herbal-Spice. The Perfect Shower Beer.

– Overall: [ 97.75/100 ] – Style: [ 98.5/100 ] 

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– Boatrocker Brewery – 51 Macbeth Street, Braeside Victoria, Australia 3195 –

– Visit Boatrocker Brewing: http://www.boatrocker.com.au/ 

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