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Hops Grown in the United States are renowned for having Big, Bold, and Intense Flavours and Aromas. In particular, ‘Citrus’, ‘Grapefruit’, and ‘Pine-Needles’ are notably the most common words used to Describe Hops grown in the United States. Washington State, Oregon, and Idaho are the three largest producers of Hops in the US. With over 78% of Commercially Grown Hops in the United States coming from the Yakima Valley, in Washington State. Hops also tend to have comparatively Higher Total Oil Compositions when Grown in the United States, compared to Europe, England or Australia. A good example being American Grown Cascade (US), and Cascade (AUS), Grown in Australia. If you like Big, Bold, Fruity, and Bitter IPA’s, Hoppy Pale Ales, and even Hopped-Up Stouts, there is a good chance NorthWestern/United States Hops are speaking your language!’

Hoposphere’s Favourite Hops From The United States: 

– Mosaic’ HBC-369 cv. ( First Daughter of Simcoe ) [ Aroma Variety ]

– Azacca’ ADHA 483 cv. [ Dual Purpose Variety ]

– Calypso’ Hopsteiner 03129 cv. [ Dual Purpose Variety ]

– Chinook’ USDA cv. 21226′ [ Dual Purpose Variety ]

– Galena’ USDA 21182 cv. [ Bittering Variety ]

– HBC-342′ 20110225686P1 cv. [ Experimental Aroma Variety ]

– Cascade (US)’ USDA 56013′ cv. [ Aroma Variety ]

– Jarrylo’ ADHA 881 cv. [ Dual Purpose / Aroma Variety ]

At Hoposphere We Recommend:

yakima_valley_hops_logo‘Yakima Valley Hops’ 

‘Located in the heart of Yakima Valley, WA (80% of all Hops Grown in USA). We supply Hops for Contract, Wholesale, and Retail to Domestic + International Customers. All of our Hops are packaged in Mylar Foils with resealable Zip Locks (except 2 oz increments). Recently, we opened up the first ever Hop Shop Located in Yakima with over 150 varieties in every increment available for purchase.Feel free to visit or contact us at any time:’

 Yakima Valley Hops LLC, 702 N 1st Ave, Yakima, WA 98902

Phone: [208] 649-4677

– Visit Yakima Valley Hops:

segal  ‘Segal Ranch Hops’ 

‘A Legacy of Passion: Segal Ranch is a third-generation, family hop farm widely known among craft brewers for estate-quality hops and a commitment to innovation in hop growing. We are located in the Yakima Valley in Washington State, a legendary terroir for hop cultivation.’

2342 S Euclid Rd, Grandview, Washington State, 98930, United States 

Phone: +1 509-882-2415 

– Visit Segal Ranch Hops:

ych hops ‘Yakima Chief – HopUnion’ 

‘In 2006, Yakima Chief, Inc. and Hopunion LLC combined their respective craft beer business segments in an agreement which allowed Hopunion to focus solely on craft brewing customers, and Yakima Chief on larger global markets. This initial market segmentation created a culture where Hopunion was influenced by independent artisan brewers, while Yakima Chief was impacted by process and the ability to meet customer requirements for compliance with supplier audits and quality criteria.

As craft breweries became larger and more unified in their focus on quality, sustainable practices and consistency of product, demand for both companies began to overlap. The ownership of Hopunion and Yakima Chief commissioned a study in 2013 to research the feasibility of a full business merger and whether or not the resulting new company would be better equipped to serve the entire brewing community.

Inspired by the shared vision of connecting family hop farms with the world’s finest brewers, Yakima Chief, Inc. and Hopunion LLC decided to fully combine operations on July 31, 2014. The resulting new company, Yakima Chief – Hopunion, or YCH HOPS for short, a 100% grower-owned supplier of hops and hop products, is who we are today.’ 

203 Division St, Yakima, 98902, Washington State, United States 

Phone: (509) 453 – 4792 

– Visit Yakima Chief HopUnion:

hopsteiner ‘Hopsteiner Hop Products’ 

‘Hopsteiner was first incorporated in 1845. Today, we are one of the largest hop growing, trading, breeding and processing firms in the world. We seek to continuously develop and improve the science and technology for growing, processing and distributing hops.

We are committed to staying ahead of industry trends in hop growing, hop processing and brewing in order to supply the right hops and products at all times. Our 170 years of expertise and tradition is the foundation that continues to propel us into the future as we pursue new frontiers in our industry and excellent service for our customers and farmers.’ 

1 West Washington Avenue, Yakima, Washington State 98903, United States

Phone: + 1800 339 8410 

– Visit Hopsteiner Hop Products: