Australian/New Zealand Hop Varieties 

aussiehops‘Hops Grown in Australia and New Zealand are renowned for having Woody, Earthen, Juicy, Floral, and Tropical Flavours and Aromas. In particular, Stonefruit, Melons, Passionfruit, Mango, Lychee and even Lime are commonly associated with Australian and New Zealand Grown Hop Varieties. Australian Hop Varieties are commonly Grown in the Derwent Valley, Tasmania, Victoria and even Western Australia, with new Hop Farms popping up over Australia in recent years. New Zealand’s three main Hop Growing Regions are Marlborough, Motueka and Nelson. New Zealand Grown Varieties tend to be slightly Spicier, Herbaceous, and Tropical in both Flavour and Aroma compared to Australian Grown Varieties. Much like Hop Varieties from the NorthWestern/United States, Australian/New Zealand Grown Varieties are commonly used in India Pale Ales, Highly Hopped Ales and even New World Pilsners. With over 150 years of Hop Growing Heritage, Australian/New Zealand Grown Varieties are on the rise in the International Craft Brewing Community. 

Hopospheres Favourite Hops From Australia: 

– Vic Secret’ 00 – 207 – 013 ( Formerly ‘Victorias Secret’ ) [ Aroma Variety ]

– Ella’ 01 – 220 – 060 ( Formerly “Stella” ) [ Aroma Variety ]

– Cascade (AUS)’ USDA 56013′ cv. [ Aroma Variety / Dual Purpose ]

– Galaxy’ 94 – 203 – 008 [ Dual Purpose Variety ]

– Enigma’ 02 – 016 – 008 [ Aroma Variety / Dual Purpose ]

Hopospheres Favourite Hops From New Zealand: 

– Rakau’ NZHBP cv. [ Dual Purpose / Aroma Variety ]

– Riwaka’ D-Saaz cv. [ Aroma Variety ]

– Nelson Sauvin’ NZHBP cv. [ Dual Purpose Variety ]

– Motueka’ B-Saaz cv. [ Aroma Variety ]

– Pacific Jade’ [ Bittering Variety / Dual Purpose ]

At Hoposphere We Recommend: 


‘Hop Products Australia’ 

‘HPA’s farms have been growing hops in Australia for more than 150 years. Our team is made up of a great bunch of people who are as passionate about beer as they are about hops.

Through our dedicated hop breeding program we have recently introduced a number of proprietary flavour hops, in addition to our aroma and bittering varieties.

We’re proud to play a part in creating memorable flavours and distinct aromas in hundreds of different beers enjoyed in pubs, restaurants, bars and backyards around the world.’ 

446 Elizabeth St, North Hobart, Tasmania, Australia 7000

Phone: (03) 6282 2000

– Visit Hop Products Australia:

hopco‘HOPCO PTY. LTD.’ 

‘Hopco is a Tasmanian independent, family owned and operated business.  We aim to provide quality hops, hop products and production equipment to breweries and home brew stores across Australia. Agents for New Zealand Hops, YCH Hops, Handtmann and Totally Natural Solutions’ 

58 Walana St, Geilston Bay, Tasmania, Australia 7015

Phone: (03) 6243 5960 

– Visit HOPCO:

newzealandhops‘New Zealand Hops’ 

New Zealand Hops Limited is a contemporary grower cooperative based in Nelson, New Zealand. Hops have been grown in the region for more than 150 years and co-ordination of the industry was facilitated with the inception of the New Zealand Hop Marketing Board in 1939. The company has supported a professional plant-breeding programme since the 1950s and, in 1986, New Zealand became the first country in the world to commercially produce hops from triploid hop cultivars in response to international brewers’ demand for seedless hops. New Zealand hops Ltd continues on from this rich heritage with core business values founded on collective sustainability, innovative research, creative technologies and modern operational capability.’ 

Blackbyre Road, Appleby, Nelson, New Zealand, 7081 

Phone: +64 03 544 8989 

– Visit New Zealand Hops: