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_MG_9067What Are Hops? 

‘Hops are the Flowers (also referred to as Hop Cones or Strobiles) of the Hop Plant Humulus Lupulus. Primarily used as a Flavouring and Stability Agent in Beer, in which they impart Bitter, Zesty, or Citric Flavours. The Hop Plant itself is a Climbing, Herbaceous Perennial, usually trained to grow up a String, or even a Trellis Fence, in a Field known as a ‘Hop Field’, ‘Hop Garden’ (South of England) or ‘Hop Yard’ ( NorthWestern United States) when grown Commercially.

The first Documented Hop Cultivation was in 736, in the Hallertau region of present-day Germany, however, the first mentioned use of Hops in German Brewing was in the year of 1079. Not until the 13th Century did Hops start to threaten the use of Gruit for Flavouring in the Brewing Process. In modern times, Hops have found new Fame in the Craft Brewing Community, Celebrated in many New World Brewing Styles for they’re Juicy, Fruity, and Bitter Flavours.’  

DSCF1296Identification by Region

Although Hops are Grown across almost every Continent of the World, we have divided Hop Hunter into 4 distinct Hop Growing Regions Worldwide. In some cases, the exact same Hop Variety develops Unique and Distinct characteristics when grown in two different Hop Producing Regions. A good example being German Noble Hops introduced to the United States, or US Hop Varieties being grown in Australia and New Zealand. Our 4 listed Hop Producing Regions at Hoposphere are: 

– NorthWestern/United States 

yakima farm  Hops Grown in the United States are renowned for having Big, Bold, and Intense Flavours and Aromas. In particular, ‘Citrus’, ‘Grapefruit’, and ‘Pine-Needles’ are notably the most common words used to Describe Hops grown in the United States.’

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– Australian/New Zealand 

aussiehops‘Hops Grown in Australia and New Zealand are renowned for having Woody, Earthen, Juicy, Floral, and Tropical Flavours and Aromas. In particular, Stonefruit, Melons, Passionfruit, Mango, Lychee and even Lime are commonly associated with Australian and New Zealand Grown Hop Varieties.

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– German/European 

hopfields‘Hops Grown in Europe, and in particular, Germany are renowned for having Herbaceous, Fruity, Spicy, and Grassy Characteristics. With Subtle hints of Earthen-Spice, Fresh Cut Grass, Lemon Balm and even Woody Flavours.’

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– English/United Kingdom 

englishhops ‘Hops Grown in England and the United Kingdom are renowned for having Grassy, Earthen, Floral, Fruity, and Woody, with hints of Lemon, Mint, Green Tea and Apricot.

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