Holgate German Style Pilsner [5.1%] 4.83/5 (23)


Holgate Brewhouse (Vic/Australia) – German Style Pilsner [5.1%] 

‘In the 19th century the Bohemian brewers of Plzn invented the world’s most drinkable beer. In true craft style, the 21st century brewers at Holgate have re-created this classic lager, a light bodied and delicately balanced beer with serious flavour.’

‘Brewed with 100% imported Pilsner malt and Czech Saaz hops, this authentic Pils is brewed low and slow, but trust us, it’s worth the wait’


– Hops: Czech Saaz‘ Single Hopped.

– Malts: German Pilsner Malts.

[ ABV: 5.1% IBU: 33 OG: 1.046 EBC: 3 ] 

– Available: Year Round, Tap/Draft, 11.2oz/330ml Bottles, 6 Pack. 


 – Look: [ Pale Yellow, Light-Straw in Colour. ]

– Head: [ 2.5 Centimeters of Creamy, Dense White Head. ]

– Aroma: [ Noble Hops, Grass, Spice, Lemon Zest, Biscuits, hints of Fruit. ] 

– Taste: [ Earthen, Grassy, Fresh Grains, Sourdough, and subtle Peach.  ] 

– Mouth-Feel: [ Well Carbonated and Creamy, with a Dry Finish. ] 

– Mid Palate: [ More Grass, Butterscotch, Floral, White Peach, Cereal, and Honey. ] 

– Finish: [ Sourdough, Citrus Peel, Earthen, Floral, Fresh Cut Grass, and Lingering Spice. ] 

– Overall: [ Excellent. Balanced, Smooth, Refreshing, and Repeatable. One of the best German-Style Pilsners coming out of Australia. Czech Saaz’ Hops add Floral, Grassy, and Spicy characteristics, with a Biscuit, Sourdough, and Honey-like Malt profile. A Clean, Classic, and Respectable Pilsner. Sure it’s a Pilsner, but sometimes a break from the ‘Hop-Bombs’ is needed. A first class Palate-Cleanser! ] 

– Overall: [ 94.25/100 ]  Style: [ 94.25/100 ] 


Taste: [ 95.75/100 ] Aroma: [ 93.5/100 ] 

Would We Buy It Again?: [ Absolutely, a must-have in any beer fridge. ] 

Affordable?: [ Very. One of the best-priced Pilsners in Australia. 6 Pack: $22-24 Dollars AUD. ] 

Feedback/Tips: [ Upgrade your 6 Pack design please Holgate. Sometimes after being in the fridge, the handle gives way, dropping delicious Pilsner everywhere. ] 

Day Or Night?: [ Certainly an afternoon Pilsner. Refreshing, Repeatable, and Balanced. ] 

Holgate Pilsner: 1 Word Review: [ Classic. ] 

– Our Favourite Part of Holgate Pilsner: [ The Repeatability. ]

Holgate Brewhouse – 79 High St, Woodend, 3442, Victoria, Australia – 

‘We make our beers entirely ourselves, bold and brimming with character – carefully constructed with authentic, natural ingredients. We reckon there’s more than enough industrially-brewed beerish-flavoured bunk in the world. If that makes us beer snobs, it’s a badge we wear with pride. No preservatives. No chemicals. No pasteurisation. Just years of brewing lore and an uncompromising approach.

Yep, since start-up in 1999 in Paul and Natasha Holgate’s back-yard, Holgate Brewhouse brewing company has been producing genuine craft beer from the village of Woodend in Victoria. Brewed, bottled and kegged right here, our beers come straight to you from our family-owned brewery, which we’re stoked to have installed in the awesome 19th century red-brick Hotel in Woodend.

Come see the microbrewery in action at the Hotel. You’ll find us out back dreaming up another mighty brew, wrangling with the bottling machine or otherwise cranking out some more Holgate tasty beers. Blow the froth off a couple while you’re here and enjoy some fine cuisine in the Hotel restaurant. Stay a night or two in one of our beautifully refurbished guestrooms. Best of all, visit our bar and taproom and discover just how fresh and full-flavoured authentic craft beer can be – Straight from the Gate!’ 


– Visit Holgate Brewhouse: http://holgatebrewhouse.com/

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