German/European Hop Varieties 

hopfields ‘Hops Grown in Europe, in particular Germany are renowned for having Herbaceous, Fruity, Spicy, and Grassy Characteristics. With Subtle hints of Earthen-Spice, Fresh Cut Grass, Lemon Balm and even Woody Flavours. Traditionally used in the Brewing of Lager, Hefeweizen, Pilsner, and even Bock Styles, German grown Hops are slowly making a come back in the Modern Craft Brewing Industry. With over 17000 Hectares used for Hop Cultivation, Germany is one of the biggest Producers of Hops in the World. The main Hop Growing Regions of Germany are Hallertau, Tettnang, Elbe-Saale, Hersbruck and Spalt, accounting for over 70% of Hops Grown in Europe, and roughly 1/3 of Hops Worldwide. German Hops commonly have a Balanced Alpha to Beta Acid Ratio, with Moderate Myrcene Oils and a relatively low Co-Humulone Composition which is favoured by many Brewers for both a Clean Aroma and Pleasant Flavours. 

Hopospheres Favourite Hops From Germany/Europe: 

– Celeia’ ( Styrian Celeia ) [ Aroma Variety ]

– Hallertau Mittelfrüh’ – Noble Variety – ( Hallertau, Hallertauer ) [ Aroma Variety ]

– Herkules’ [ Bittering Variety ]

– Mandarina Bavaria’ [ Aroma Variety ]

– Czech Saaz’ – Noble Variety – ( Saaz, Saazer, Zatec ) [ Aroma Variety ]

– Tettnanger’ – Noble Variety –  ( Tettnang ) [ Aroma Variety ]

– Spalt’ – Noble Variety – ( Spalter, Spalter Spalt ) [ Aroma Variety ]

– Hallertauer Magnum’ ( Hallertau Magnum, Magnum ) [ Bittering Variety ]

At Hoposphere We Recommend: 

baywa ‘BayWa International’ 

‘We offer all common hop varieties from the German hop growing regions. In Tettnang, where our branch originated, we are the leading hop trader.

The hop growing region in Tettnang is known worldwide for its fine aroma hops. The traditional hop varieties, Tettnanger and Hallertauer Mittelfrüh, which have been selected for hundreds of years, are still cultivated here. For the brewer these varieties offer a unique hop flavour which is yet to be achieved in new breedings.

In addition to Tettnang, we have offices in Hallertau – the largest hop growing region in Germany.’ 

Dr. Stephan Hilbers
Head of Marketing/ Sales International
Seed/ Innovation/ Distribution

Maria Barskaia
Marketing & Sales Manager
Northern Europe & CIS

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deutscher hopfen ‘Verband Deutscher Hopfenpflanzer’ 

‘For over 125 years the Verband Deutscher Hopfenpflanzer e. V. – Association of German Hop Growers – has been the central umbrella organisation of the hop – producers in Germany and their regional organisations: Hallertau, Tettnang, Elbe – Saale, Spalt, Hersbruck.

Here all the regional, national and international strings of the German producer side converge at the Association´s office in the House of Hops in Wolnzach. A concept which has proved its worth over decades for the association work and representation of interests of the hop growers in Germany.

The Association´s own publishing house the Hopfen – Rundschau issues the Association´s monthly magazine of the same name “Hopfen – Rundschau” as well as once a year the special edition “Hopfen – Rundschau International”.’ 

Kellerstraße 1, 85283 Wolnzach, Germany 

Phone: +49 8442 92500 

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houblon ‘Houblons De France’ 

Inform and federate
a community

‘Share knowledge and experiences, together build a repository of the world’s hops, organise amateur dating hops, promote exchange between all stakeholders in the sector thanks to the collaborative website and social networks. Promote the use of French in the French hops beers. We want to revive the planter link to the brewer.’

the hops sector

‘Defending expertise in risk and support new farmers with a starter kit: Formations hop tour, group purchasing equipment, laboratory analysis and distribution support
Organize events in partnership with architecture professionals . urban, agriculture, design, cooking, or the brewing industry
the hops sector must follow the same path as the brewery: that of proximity , in all regions of France but to the heart cities.’ 


‘Hops are a reflection of a terroir, the same variety planted in different climatic and geological conditions develop unique flavors, though we have some typical French varieties, as well, strong in our knowledge and our pooled experiences, we hope engage the relocation of old varieties and support the creation of new.’ 

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