English/United Kingdom Hop Varieties

englishhops ‘Hops Grown in England and the United Kingdom are renowned for having Grassy, Earthen, Floral, Fruity, and Woody, with hints of Lemon, Mint, Green Tea and Apricot. Although English Grown Hops only equate for 1% of Worldwide Hop Production, they remain a Staple Ingredient in English Brewing Styles including ESB’s. Porters, Stouts and English Ales, both in the United Kingdom and Internationally. Hops were only first used in England for Brewing purposes around 1400, with Hops being condemned as a “Wicked and Pernicous Weed” until 1519. Hops used in the Brewing Process in England were imported from Germany, France and Holland, along with a hefty Import Duty, it was not until 1524 that Hops were first planted by Dutch Farmers in the SouthEast Region of Kent as an Agricultural Crop. The three main Hop Growing Regions of England are Kent, Worcester, and Hereford. Although English Hop Varieties have suffered a severe drop in Demand over the last few Decades, new High-Alpha and Aroma Varieties are slowly restoring the United Kingdom back to her former Hop Producing Glory. 

Hopospheres Favourite Hops From the United Kingdom: 

– Challenger’ [ Dual Purpose / Aroma Variety ]

– East Kent Goldings’ ( also known as: EKG’, Canterbury Hops ) [ Aroma Variety ]

– Pioneer’ ( Sister to Herald ) [ Dual Purpose ]

– Target’ ( Cousin to Challenger) [ Dual Purpose ]

– Fuggles’ [ Aroma Variety / Former Dual Purpose ]

– Bramling Cross’ ( Bramling + Monitoban ) [ Dual Purpose ]

– First Gold Hops’ [ Dual Purpose ]

At Hoposphere We Recommend: 

stocksfarm ‘Stocks Farm Hops’ 

‘At Stocks Farm we grow over 100 acres of British Hops, making us one of the largest hop producers in England. We produce enough hops to brew about 46 million pints of beer. We are the only farm in Britain selling our Hops direct to Homebrewers via this website.

We grow hops on two different growing systems: tall hops (above) and low trellis hops (being harvested by our red Pattenden harvester in the photo below). We produce 6 tall varieties: Pilgrim, Target, Phoenix, Goldings, Bramling Cross, Jester; and 3 hedgerow varieties: First Gold, Sovereign and Endeavour.

We work closely with The British Hop Association and Wye Hops to identify new English hop varieties with potential for the future.’ 

Suckley, Worcester WR6 5EH, United Kingdom

Phone: +44 1886 884202 

– Visit Stocks Farm Hops: http://stocksfarm.net/hops/