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– Warrior’ Brand YCR-5 cv. [ Bittering Variety ] Developed: Select Botanicals Group/Yakima Chief Hopunion, LCC. Release Date Unknown*.
[ Alpha Acid: 15.5-18% / Beta Acid: 4.4-6% / Co-Humulone Composition: 25-28% / Similar Hops: Nugget’, Bravo’ + Waimea’, Millennium’ + Mosaic’ ]
– Warrior (YCR-5cv.) is a Bittering Variety of Hop, developed and released by the Select Botanicals Group/Yakima Chief Hopunion. Warrior’ is renowned for it’s pleasant Bittering potential, along with striking Citrus and Tropical Fruits in the Aroma. Little is known about the Development and true Qualities of Warrior, however Soft Citrus, Spice, Resinous Pine and Grapefruit are some of the most notable Characteristics. Developed and Commercially grown in the Yakima Valley, Washington State, United States.

60 Minute IPA [6.0%] 3.36/5 (22)

Dogfish Head Brewing (United States/DE) – 60 Minute Continually Hopped IPA [6.0%] ’60 Minute IPA is continuously hopped — more than 60 …