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– Nugget’ [ Bittering Variety / Dual Purpose ] Developed: By the USDA Hop Breeding Program, Oregon. Released (1982)
[ Alpha Acid: 13.5-16% / Beta Acid: 4.4-5.5% / Co-Humulone Composition: 22-26% / Similar Hops: Millennium, Galena, Olympic, Chinook + Centennial ]
– Nugget is a soft Bittering / Dual Purpose Variety of Hop, first released in 1982 by the U.S.D.A Hop Breeding Program. Nugget is a cross between Brewers Gold and a High Alpha Male Variety of Hop. Nugget is the Mother of Millenium Hops and is one of the most popular grown Hop Varieties in the United States, at 14.1% of total US Hop production by 1991. Nugget provides Citrus, Lemon Grass, Herbal-Spice, Pear and Herbaceous qualities to the Aroma. With a Moderate Bitterness from its 9.5%-14.0% Alpha Acid content, Nugget has become a staple Hop in Imperial IPA’s, Stouts and even English Styles. Commercially grown across the United States, and Internationally.