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Northern Brewer’ (US)

– Northern Brewer’ (US) [ Dual Purpose ] Developed: Canterbury, England (1934)
[ Alpha Acid: 8.1-10.4% / Beta Acid: 3.2-5.3% / Co-Humulone Composition: 20-30% / Similar Hops: Pride of Ringwood, Bullion, Hallertau ]
Northern Brewer’ is a Dual Purpose Variety of Hop, bred in England in 1934 from a Canterbury Golding plant and a male seedling of Brewers Gold. Northern Brewer’ is mainly grown in the United States of America, and Germany. American Grown Northern Brewer boasts higher Myrcene, and slightly higher Alpha Acids when compared to German Grown Northern Brewer, resulting in Woody, Peppery and Herbal Flavours and Aromas. Northern Brewer’ can be used for any stage of the brewing process, being an extremely versatile Dual Purpose Variety. Northern Brewer shows hints of Mint, Wood, Evergreen, and Herbs in the Aroma, with more Earthen, Tea, and even slightly Spicy characteristics in the Flavour. Often used for Pale Ales, Porter’s, Bitters, Blonde Ales, and even IPA’s. Commercially grown in the United States, and Germany, with smaller plantations in England, Poland, and Australia.