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Idaho 7′

– Idaho 7′ [ Now 007 Golden Hop’ ]
– 007 Golden Hop’ previously Idaho 7′ [ Dual Purpose Variety ] Developed: Jackson Farms, Wilder, Idaho (2015)
[ Alpha Acid: 12.2-15.4% / Beta Acid: 4.2-5.5% / Co-Humulone Composition: Unknown* / Similar Hops: Citra + East Kent Goldings, Chinook, Amarillo, Columbus, Mosaic ]
– 007 Golden Hop’ ( Formerly known as Idaho 7′ ) is a Dual Purpose Variety of Hop and the first release from Jackson Farms situated in Wilder, just outside of Boise, Idaho. 007 Golden Hop’ is truely unique, with strong characteristics of Peach, Pineapple, Stonefruit, Pine Needles, and Mango in the Aroma. Lesser hints of Earl Grey Tea, Strawberry, Floral Citrus, Spice, and White Grapes make 007′ ideal for brewing Juicy American Pale Ales, and Fragrant West Coast IPA’s. 007 Golden Hop’ can be used for Single Hop styles, however it works best in combination with the Aroma Variety Citra’ [ YCR-394cv’ ] or the Bittering Variety Warrior’ [ YCR-5cv’ ]. 007′ is still relatively new to the brewing scene, and her true potential will be unveiled over the next few years, however 007′ has already become a favourite for creating big IPA’s across the West Coast of America, and favored by Home Brewers across America, Australia, and New-Zealand. Most suitable for IPA’s, Pale Ales, Red IPA’s and Single Hop Ales, however we will see 007’s full potential in the years to come. Developed in 2015 by Jackson Farms, Wilder, Idaho, United States.