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– Horizon’ USDA 21373 cv. [ Dual Purpose ] Developed: USDA Hop Breeding Program, Oregon, United States (1970) Released (1998)
[ Alpha Acid: 10.2-16.5% / Beta Acid: 6.5-8.5% / Co-Humulone Composition: 16-22% / Similar Hops: Hallertauer Magnum, Magnum (US) ]
– Horizon is a Dual Purpose Variety of Hop, bred in Oregon in 1970. Horizon has been gaining notoriety since it’s release in 1998, developed as a cross made from Brewers Gold, Early Green Hops, and USDA 64035M. It is also a half sister of the notorious Nugget Hops. Horizon has unusually high Alpha Acids ranging from 10.2%-16.5%, with a Myrcene Oil Content of 50-70% and the Farnesene Oil Content is at 2.5-3.5%, giving Horizon unique and delightful attributes. Horizon will add notes of a Floral Bouquet as well as some Citrus Zest, Herbal-Spice, Tangerine and Peach qualities. Finding her feet in the Craft Beer scene, Horizon can be used in Lagers, Cream Ales, Saisons, and even India Pale Ales. Commercially grown in Oregon, United States.