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Styrian Celeia’

– Celeia’ ( Styrian Celeia ) [ Aroma Variety ] Developed: Styrian Golding x Aurora (Super Styrian) x Wild Slovenian Hop, Slovenia.
[ Alpha Acid: 3 – 6% / Beta Acid: 2 – 3.3% / Co-Humulone Composition: 26-29% / Similar Hops: Styrian Golding, Willamette, Fuggles (UK) ]
– Styrian Celeia is an Aroma Variety of Hop, daughter of Aurora, Styrian Golding and a Slovenian wild hop. Styrian Celeia is slightly more aggressive than her Mother Aurora’, best described as a typical European Variety with a New World kick. Imparting soft hints of Citrus, Blood Orange and Tangerine while maintaining her Spicy, Herbal and Floral-Grass like European qualities. Typically used in European styles, Styrian Celeia is finding use among American and New World styles for her delicate flavours and pleasant Bittering potential. Commercially grown in Slovenia.

Points Unknown IPA [9.5%] 3.28/5 (28)

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