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– Herkules’ [ Bittering Variety ] Developed: Hüll, Germany. Released (2005)
[ Alpha Acid: 12-17% / Beta Acid: 4-5.5% / Co-Humulone Composition: 32-38% / Similar Hops: Horizon, Saaz, Hallertau Magnum, Tettnang ]
– Herkules is a Bittering Variety of Hop, bred in Hüll, Germany. Often used in German-Style Ales, and Lagers due to the Floral, Spicy and Sweet fruit qualities associated with Herkules. Hints of Melons, Peach, Mandarin, Pine-Needle and Pepper compliment the Aroma, with a Resinous, Viscous and Clean Bitterness when used in the Boil. Developed through a cross-breeding experiment between Hallertau Taurus and a powdery mildew resistant Hüll male breeding line. First released in 2005, from the Hop Research Center in Hüll, Germany.