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Czech Saaz’

– Czech Saaz’ – Noble Variety – ( Saaz, Saazer, Zatec ) [ Aroma Variety ] Developed: Žatec ( German: Saaz ) Bohemian Region, Czech Republic (1300’s)
[ Alpha Acid: 2 – 6% / Beta Acid: 3 – 8% / Co-Humulone Composition: 24-28% / Similar Hops: Saaz (US), Polish Lublin, Tettnanger ]
– Czech Saaz is an Aroma Variety of Hop, Saaz is a Noble Hop Variety from Czechoslovakia (Czech Republic) that originated from the area around the town of Saaz which is in Bohemia. This hops is also grown in Belgium and the United States and has several descendants from New Zealand including Motueka (B Saaz), and Riwaka (D Saaz). Distinct Earthen, Herbal-Spice, Honey, Cut Grass and mild Wooden qualities. Generally used in Pilsner, Pale Lager and Belgian style beers.

Dogma Scotch Ale [7.4%] 3.21/5 (20)

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