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– Target’ ( Cousin to Challenger) [ Dual Purpose ] Developed: Wye College, Kent, England. Released (1992)
[ Alpha Acid: 8-12.5% / Beta Acid: 5-5.5% / Co-Humulone Composition: 29-35% / Similar Hops: Fuggles (UK), Fuggles (US), Willamette ]
– Target is an English Dual Purpose Hop Variety, bred at the Hop Research Institute at Wye College in England and first released in 1992. A cross between the following: (Northern Brewer X Downy Mildew resistant male) X (Eastwell Golding X USDA 64103M) where USDA 64103M is resistant to both Powdery Mildew and Verticillium Wilt. Target is renowned for it’s Spicy, Herbal and Citrus like Bittering qualities, also for it’s Sage, Lemon and Herbaceous Aroma. Developed through Open Pollination from Northern Brewer and a Male Eastwell Golding seedling, and was first Released in 1992. Target has quickly taken off in 21st Century Craft Brewing and is quickly finding it’s use in Ale’s, ESB’s and Brown Ales across the world.