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– Topaz’ TC-85-70 [ Bittering Variety ] Developed: Hop Products Australia, Victoria (1985)
[ Alpha Acid: 13.7-17.7% / Beta Acid: 6.4-7.9% / Co-Humulone Composition: 48-51% / Similar Hops: Amarillo, Summit + Cascade, Summit + Ahtanum ]
– Topaz is a Dual Purpose Hop Variety, sharing a strong resemblance to Amarillo, developed by HPA at the Rostrevor Breeding Garden Victoria in 1985. Topaz is renowned for its light Tropical Fruit and Lychee flavours, along with Resinous, Earthen and Grassy notes. Bred as a cross between English, North West American and European Hop Varieties, Topaz offers superb Aroma qualities along with a huge Alpha Acids Ratio of 15-18%. First Developed in 1985, commercially grown by HPA Farms, Australia.

Supersonic DIPA [8.5%] 4.27/5 (22)

Nomad Brewing Co. (NSW/Australia) – Supersonic Double IPA [8.5%]  ‘A modern craft brewery without it’s own India Pale Ale just wouldn’t completely …