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Southern Cross’

– Southern Cross’ [ Soft Bittering / Dual Purpose ] Developed: HortResearch Hop Breeding Programme, Riwaka, New Zealand (1994)
[ Alpha Acid: 11 – 14% / Beta Acid: 5 – 6% / Co-Humulone Composition: 25-28% / Similar Hops: Fuggles + Sticklebract, Styrian Goldings ]
– Southern Cross is a Dual Purpose Variety of Hop, developed as a Triploid Cross between NZ Smoothcone, and a 1950’s Research Variety bred from an early North American Variety “Cali” and the English Variety of Fuggle. Southern Cross boasts an Alpha Acid Content of 11.5-14%, presenting Lemon Zest, Mandarin, and Pine Needle notes to the Aroma, along with Subtle Grass, Spice, and Floral Herb. When used in the Boil, Strong Citrus, Pine Oak, and Floral-Spice qualities enhance the Aroma, paired with a Clean, Resinous Bitterness that allows for Southern Cross to be used in a variety of Ales, Lagers, and New World Styles. Released from New Zealand’s HortResearch Hop Breeding Program in Riwaka, New Zealand 1994.