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– Rakau’ [ Dual Purpose ] Developed: New Zealands Hop Breading Programme (1970’s) and Released (1983)
[ Alpha Acid: 10 – 11% / Beta Acid: 5 – 6% / Co-Humulone Composition: 23-25% / Similar Hops: Amarillo (VGXP01cv), Summit, Cascade + Centennial ]
– Rakau is a Dual Purpose Hop Variety, bred by the New Zealand Hop Breeding Program during the 1970’s. Derived from a Smooth Cone variety using Open Pollination, Rakau delivers pleasant Tropical Fruit, Peach, Floral Citrus and Pine like qualities. With a moderate AA Content of 9-11% Rakau is commonly used in American Pale Ales, India Pale Ales and even New World Ales. Rakau offers subtle and delicate Aroma qualities, however her true character shines when used in Dry Hopping or Kettle Hopping due to her high concentration of Myrcene. Developed and released by the Hop Breeding Program, New Zealand, 1983.