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Pacific Jade’

– Pacific Jade’ [ Bittering Variety / Dual Purpose ] Developed: Riwaka, New Zealand (2004)
[ Alpha Acid: 12 – 14% / Beta Acid: 7 – 8% / Co-Humulone Composition: 23-25% / Similar Hops: Cluster, Czech Saaz, Cascade (NZ) ]
– Pacific Jade is a Dual Purpose Hop Variety, developed via the Hop Research Program and released in 2004 by HortResearch. Pacific Jade is a Bittering Hop, however, her AA content of 12-14% gives her subtle Orange, Lemon and Pepper Aroma qualities that put her on the borderline of Dual-Purpose. More often used in Lagers and NZ New-World Pilsners, Pacific Jade also finds its way into India Pale Ales, Stouts, and Sours. Pacific Jade is starting to gain popularity among Craft Brewers across Australia, the United States, and some European Countries for her Versatility in Brewing, and a good Storage life. Developed by New Zealands HortResearch Program, and Released in 2004, Riwaka, New Zealand.

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