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Sherry Cask’

Sherry Cask Aged Whisk(e)y.
– ‘Sherry Cask’;
A Barrel made from either American Oak or European Oak, previously used for the aging of Sherry or Apera. A Sherry Cask must not exceed 700L in total volume. As far back as the 16th Century, Sherry was often filled into Oak Casks and transported around the world, remaining inside the Casks for months at a time. The Sherry would soak into the wood imparting flavours and tannins. After being emptied, Sherry Casks were often used for the maturation of Scotch Whisky. Varieties range from Pedro Ximenez, Oloroso, Amontillado, Moscatel, Palo Cortado, Fino and Manzanilla Sherry. To be classed as a ‘Sherry’, it must be made from white grapes that are grown near the town of Jerez de la Frontera in Andalusia, Spain. Sherry often imparts Dried Fruits, Raisins, Molasses, and Nutty flavours into the wood that it was aged in.