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American Oak Cask’

– American Oak Casks
[ Commonly used for the maturation of Bourbon Whiskey, Scotch Whisky, and heavier styles of Red Wine or warm climate Chardonnay ]
– ‘American Oak’;
A Barrel or Cask made from American Oak. The most common species of American Oak used for production is the Quercus Alba, which is a White Oak species characterized by its fast growth, wider grains, and lower wood tannin’s. American Oak tends to be much more intensely flavoured than both French Oak and European Oak. American Oak imparts much sweeter flavours of Vanilla, Wood, Sugar and Spice. American Oak is commonly found across the East Coast of the United States, and as far inland as Missouri, Minnesota and Wisconsin. American Oak Barrels have traditionally been used for the production of Bourbon, Rye Whiskey, Wine and more recently the aging of Stouts, Ales and Barley Wines by many Craft Breweries. In Oregon on the West Coast of America, the Quercus Garryana (White Oak) has started to gain popularity due to its close similarities to European oak. On average, one tree can provide enough wood for two 225-litre (59 US gal) barrels. American Oak is typically harvested in Winter when there is less sap in the trunk.