Bruny Island – Stoutfast: Tasmanian Breakfast Stout [7.9%] 4.72/5 (12)

Bruny Island Beer Co. – Stoutfast: Tasmanian Breakfast Stout [7.9%]

‘This nourishing, fruity tonic is a great way to start the day. Whether you’re an early bird, late riser or nocturnal, consider yourself sorted with our all day breakfast.’

– Hops: Ella‘ Single Hopped.

– Malts: Westminster Pale Malted Barley (TAS), Munich Malt (GER), Chocolate Malt (AUS), Roasted Barley (AUS), Carafa Malts (GER) & Crystal Malts (AUS). 

– Other Ingredients: Organic Oat Porridge (TAS), Fresh Whey (OURS), Raspberries (TAS), Blueberries (TAS), Wellington Apiary Leatherwood Honey (TAS) & Custom Roasted Straight Up Coffee Beans (TAS).

[ ABV: 7.9% IBU: Unknown OG: Unknown ] 

– Available: GABS Special Release, Tap/Draft, Limited 16.9oz/500ml Bottles.

The Brew

I first had the pleasure of having a pint of Stoutfast with head brewer Evan Hunter when attending Hobart’s Dark Mofo festival. Despite already being a few pints deep, this beer was instantly impressive with copious amounts of raspberry, cocoa, blueberry and coffee beans bursting out of the aroma. Evan was pretty impressed with his creation, and to be fair, so was I. Skip forward a few weeks and it’s time to grab a couple of bottles and review this with a clean palate and some good friends. 

 Pouring charcoal black in colour with an autumn-red hue under light, with around a centimeter of head that quickly dissipates after a few minutes. There is no subtleties going on here, the aroma displays generous amounts of espresso and coffee beans with lesser hints of roasted barley, berries, cocoa and milk chocolate. The raspberry and blueberry is noticeably prominent from the first sniff, bringing with it juicy, ripe and slightly tart characteristics to the aroma. On the first sip you get a gently carbonated, slightly sweet and super creamy stout. On the front of the palate you are greeted with espresso coffee, raspberry, cocoa nibs and hints of blueberry. Despite the full-bodied texture the mouth-feel is soft and gentle, possibly helped out by the additions of whey and leatherwood honey. The beer is somewhat dry leaving roasted barley, oats, dark chocolate and bitter coffee beans lingering on the palate. The finish starts quite sweet on the tongue and really brings out the addition of blueberry, with some slight resin, cocoa, roasted malts and raspberry tartness lingering on the palate. A straight up delicious, in your face, no shits given sort of breakfast stout. Another great brew from Evan and the Bruny Island crew, highly recommended. 

– Overall: [ 92.25/100 ] – Style: [ 91.5/100 ] 

Taste: [ 90.75/100 ] Aroma: [ 90.5/100 ] 

Would We Buy It Again?: [ Absolutely, a lovely stout. ] 

Affordable?:  [ Very, especially when you consider the price of adding coffee beans, raspberries and blueberries. 500ml Bottle: $14-15.00 Dollars AUD. ]

Feedback/Tips: [ Make it a seasonal release? I would gladly drink this again. ] 

Day Or Night?: [ Well it is a breakfast stout. ] 

Bruny Island Stoutfast: 1 Word Review: [ Complex. ] 

‘Bruny Island Beer Co. makes hand crafted ales that are open-fermented, naturally bottle-conditioned and preservative- free.

We are blessed to have some of the finest brewing ingredients in the world, right on our doorstep. We only ever use whole-cone hops grown in Australia’s oldest hop fields at Bushy Park, Tasmania. We select our grains from local farms and maltsters. We never filter or pasteurise our ales, so you can expect natural, living yeast sediment in the bottle.

Our beers are available on tap and in bottles through our Cellar Door on Bruny Island, our Hobart shop, through the Cheese Club and our online store as well as through selected stores, pubs and bars.’ 

– Visit Bruny Island Cheese & Beer Co.:

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