[Sold Out] Break Even X: The Dregs – Single Cask Single Malts [2018.05.20.]

Break Even X. The Dregs: Single Cask Single Malts 

Sunday, May 20th 2018, Hobart Tasmania

Join Hoposphere on Sunday the 20th of May for Break Even X.

Our first bonus round in the ‘Break Even’ series will focus on single cask single malt whiskies from some of my favourite distilleries. Single Cask expressions from Glendronach, Heartwood, Bunnahabhain and Kavalan Distilleries.

We will journey through some of the most exciting and rare whiskies of any Break Even to date. Some of these whiskies I have not been able to share before. As such, tickets will be limited to just 16 people for Break Even IX.V.

Light finger foods and a welcome beer from Modus Operandi will be provided on the night.

Unlike our regular Break Even events we will not be tasting the whiskies blind, and I have decided to share the line up with you in advance.

Tickets Limited: $80 Per Person / Sold Out
When: Sunday, May 20th 2018, 16:00 – 18:00
Where: The Worlds End Brewpub, Sandy Bay
Attire: Casual! No wank or whisky snobbery

 The Bonus Dram Boiler Maker: 
  • #1: Lark Distillery (Australia) – The Lark Classic Cask Tasmanian Single Malt Whisky [43.0%]

– Paired with IIyama Brewing Corp. Single Cask .VII Breakfast Stout –

‘Approachable but complex, our Classic Cask 43% is a whisky made for sharing, celebrating, and enjoying. Handcrafted in the Coal River Valley, it’s a true labour of love from the second it leaves our distillery to the moment the cork is popped and the whisky is enjoyed.

Double-distilled in locally crafted copper-pot stills and aged in carefully selected small casks, the Classic Cask features the citrus and butterscotch of the Lark house style with a hint of Tasmanian peat. A great balance of sweet, spicy and savoury elements make this the perfect everyday dram for whisky-lovers on all stages of their whisky drinking journey.’

Cask Type: American Oak Bourbon, Sherry, Port and Rum Casks

Spagnum Peat: Yes

Date Bottled: 2016

Alcohol By Volume: 43.0%

IIyama Brewing Co. – Cask. VII Imperial Coffee Stout [12.8%]
– Heavily Peated Lark Whisky Barrel Aged Imperial Coffee Stout – 

The Warm Up Dram:
  • #2:Glendronach (Scotland) – Glendronach Madeira Hogshead Cask Finish 19 Year Old Single Malt Scotch Whisky [46.0%]

[ 2014 Release / Sold Out ]

‘The GlenDronach 19 years old Madeira Finish was initially matured in European oak casks and thereafter finished its maturation in a very small batch of Madeira hogsheads, giving the final whisky its own range of unique flavours and aromas.’

Cask Type: European Oak. Madeira Hogshead Cask Finish.

Alcohol By Volume: 46.0%

The Single Casks:
  •  #3: Bunnahabhain (Scotland) – Rest & Be Thankful: Bunnahabhain 1989 Ex-Bourbon Single Cask #6083 26 Year Old Single Malt Scotch Whisky [49.9%]

[ Sold Out / Single Cask ] 

– Bottled For The Rest & Be Thankful Whisky Company –

Cask Number: 6083

Cask Type: American Oak Ex-Bourbon Barrel

Cask Filled: 1989/10/30

Bottle Date: 2015/11/24

Bottle Number: 156/242

Alcohol By Volume: 49.9%

  • #4: Glendronach Distillery (Scotland) – The Glendronach 1995 Tawny Port Pipe Single Cask 18 Year Old Cask Strength Single Malt Scotch Whisky [53.6%]

[ Sold Out / Single Cask ]

‘Each year our Master Distiller specially selects a handful of individual casks from the warehouses at the GlenDronach Distillery, to be bottled as the GlenDronach ‘Limited Release’. With maturing whiskies dating back as far as 1968, there is a vast selection of barrels, hogsheads, puncheons and butts to choose from.’

Cask Type: Australian Tawny Port Pipe

Cask Filled: 1995/12/15

Cask Number: 5959

Bottle Number: 566/692

Date Bottled: October 2014 – Aged 18 Years

Alcohol By Volume: 53.6%

  • #5: Kavalan Distillery (Taiwan) – Kavalan Solist: Vinho Barrique Cask Strength Single Cask Single Malt Whisky [58.6%]

[ Sold Out / Single Cask ]

‘Vinho is fully matured in used American oak wine barrels that have been toasted and recharred in a way that brings out fruity vanilla notes from the whisky and wood overlaid on a delicate background of complex fruitiness. It has a complex and multi-dimensional background of pepper, spice, dates and other fruits, such as ripe melon and mango together with kiwi and a delicate blend of citrus fruits burst.’

Cask Type: American Oak Red & White Wine Barrels

Cask Number: W090327023A

Cask Filled: 2009/03/27

Bottle Number: 112/183

Bottle Date: 2015/03/12

Alcohol By Volume: 58.6% 

  • #6: Kavalan (Taiwan) – Kavalan Solist Premium: Amontillado Sherry Cask Strength Single Cask Single Malt Whisky [57.1%] 

[ Sold Out / Single Cask ]

‘Amontillado is a kind of dry sherry which is darker than Fino but lighter than Oloroso, maturing with a cap of flor and then expose to the air for further oxidation due to the loss of flor. Toasted almond and hazelnut are the classic aromas for Amontillado casks.’

Cask Type: Spanish Oak Amontillado Sherry Cask

Cask Number: AM110216010A

Cask Filled: 2011/02/16

Bottle Number: 242/527

Date Bottled: 2016/04/19

Alcohol By Volume: 57.1%

  •  #7: Heartwood Malt Whisky (Australia) –  Calm Before The Storm: Cask Strength Australian Single Malt Whisky [66.4%]

[ Sold Out / Single Cask ]

– Distilled at the Lark Distillery – 

Cask Type: European Oak Oloroso Sherry

Cask Number: LD588

Cask Filled: November 2009

Bottle Number: 261/292

Bottle Date: November 2016

Alcohol By Volume: 66.4%

  •  #8: Heartwood Malt Whisky (Australia) – The Dregs Vol. 2: Cask Strength Australian Vatted Malt Whisky [62.2%]

[ Limited Release / Sold Out ] 

 – Distilled at Lark & Tasmania Distilleries – 

Cask Number: Too many to list

Cask Type: European Oak Oloroso Sherry, Port Casks.

Date Bottled: September 2017

Alcohol By Volume: 62.2% 

 Tickets Limited: $80 Per Person / Sold Out
When: Sunday, May 20th 2018, 16:00 – 18:00
Where: The Worlds End Brewpub, Sandy Bay
Attire: Casual! No wank or whisky snobbery

 The Next Break Even Tasting: 
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 Sunday, June 3rd 2018, Hobart Tasmania

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