Batch Brewing – Method Man-Darin: Mandarin Sour Ale [4.2%] 4.85/5 (6)

Batch Brewing Company (NSW/Australia) – Method Man-Darin: Mandarin Sour Ale [4.2%]

‘Microphone checka, big Mandarin lecture. Lactic Acid Fermenter, be a kettle sour protecta. Cascade’s in the boiling pot, weather’s hottin up. For realzy refreshing Mandreezy, American Ale yeasty all in the fermenteezy. This sour be pleasin’ with the change of seasons. Mashing with Gladfield, biscuits of Munich mixed with Pilsner to brew it. Reppin that Acidulated Malt, homie’s character be sour going straight to ya dome, sneakin bottles in ya home. Taste that fruit, straight up 72 litres of Mandarin Juice. That’s our Method Man-darin, you know where we been. True philosophisers, ya spring’ll rock wilder. Raise that sour son, it’s really real son, something you can feel son, load it up and try one. We gone.’

– Hops: Cascade‘.

– Malts: Gladfield Pilsner, Gladfield Munich, Dark Wheat, Flaked Wheat, Acidulated Malt.

[ ABV: 4.2% IBU: Unknown* OG: Unknown* ] 

– Available: Special Release, Tap/Draft, 21.64oz/640ml Bottles, 63.9oz/1.89l Growlers. 


Method Man-Darin. It first showed up on my newsfeed and I couldn’t help but have a laugh. It just so happens that my close mate Chris calls Method Man one of his favourite artists of all time, so I quickly sent him through a photo. “Dude, we need to get this!”…

Skip forwards a few weeks and as luck would have it, work brings me to Sydney. I called into Batch on the Saturday to catch up with Ryan, venue manager and an all round top bloke. Ryan knows the ins and outs of Batch like no one else, providing friendly service and a huge smile that’s infectious. It’s fair to say the bloke deserves a pay rise. We shared a quick chat and a glass of Method Man-Darin, one taste and I had to bring a growler to bring back to Tassie!

It’s a Monday night and I’ve just got back home, I call up and Chris and tell him the news, “Method Man-Darin, my place, now!”. It’s safe to say we were both pretty stoked, we sat outside in the afternoon sun and poured ourselves a glass. On the nose you get plenty of wheat and juicy mandarin, there is light hints of funk, lemon zest, biscuit and white peach. The first sip is neutral and cleanses the palate, you get tart mandarin, grain, and biscuit. The mandarin builds with each sip, along with hints of wheat, nectarine, peach and light citrus. Method Man-Darin is dangerously easy to drink, the refreshing aspect of this sour is near perfect. The mandarin works wonders for the texture too, combined with wheat you get a heap of pulp and juice that brings you back for more every time. You can just feel the acidity on the palate, it’s slightly sour and gently carbonated in the finish. This beer ticks all the boxes that a mandarin sour should, it’s not offensive, it’s clean, and it’s exceptionally refreshing. Batch have hit the nail on the head with this release, and we are pretty thankful to have tasted it! My only regret is not bringing home two growlers. Thanks again to Ryan for looking after us, looking forward to our next visit.

– Overall: [ 93.25/100 ] – Style: [ 93.75/100 ]

 Taste: [ 92.75/100 ] Aroma: [ 92.5/100 ] 

– Would We Buy It Again?: [ Indeed I would, unfortunately I cannot. I do however feel that if we had the pleasure of spending a warm Australian summer together, our love affair may have blossomed into something quite special. ] 

– Affordable?:  [ Absolutely. 640ml Bottle: $10-12.00 Dollars AUD. ]

– Feedback/Tips: [ Seasonal release. ] 

– Day Or Night?: [ Strong potential for both. In the warmer months, an all day session on Method Man-Darin is also a possibility. ] 

 Batch Brewing Method Man-Darin: 1 Word Review: [ Refreshing. ] 

– Our Favourite Part of Method Man-Darin: [ The juicy and balanced texture. ] 

– Batch Brewing Company, 44 Sydenham Road, Marrickville, New South Wales –

‘Hi there, we’re Chris and Andrew and if you’re reading this, you’re probably a friend, a friend of a friend, or family. We aim to deliver to you small batches of hand crafted beer with a unique flavour, specially brewed for you.’

– Visit Batch Brewing Company:

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